my mother’s daughter

I love to fly, but as I was leaving today I got an odd feeling. I was nervous. Now I have flown many times before, but I noticed that since I haven’t flown in a few years I had lost my sea legs. I was also super panicked that I would loose my bag leaving the clothes I was to wear for my sisters wedding lost somewhere between Rochester and Charleston.

These odd feelings have led me to a bit of an epiphany. When I was younger I wasn’t afraid of anything, everything was exciting and new. However as I get older I tend to like the things that are stable and predictable in life, like being on the ground. My mom hates scary movies, but sometimes even CSI is a little tough for her to handle. I am becoming my mother. I know I am not the first person to come to this realization but those little indicators that you are becoming your parents is still shocking.

I couldn’t be more excited.

checked out

On this dreary but warm Monday, I can’t help but to dream of the warm sandy beaches of South Carolina that await me on Wednesday. My step-sister Leslye is getting married this weekend and I fly out Wednesday evening leaving everyone in Rochester to deal with the bipolar weather that is spring 2011.  The best part of this whole trip besides the warm weather, this will be the first time in 7 years that all of my brothers and sister will be in the same town,  all 6 of us.

That being said I have one more day of work and I already have completely mentally checked out. I am surprised I have the mental capacity to even complete this post.  I am sure I will have a menagerie of photos to share upon my return.  Until then stay warm Rochester.

trust me i’m the doctor

My favorite show is currently premiering on BBC America and I am no where near a TV.  Insert big frowney face.

For thoese of you not into some british sci-fi show that has been on since the mid sixies, let me give you a quick run down.

So tonight we rejoin the Doctor, Amy and Rory in America?  I am just going to make me some english breakfast tea in my disapearing tardis mug, wearing my Doctor Who t-shirt and geek out with some jammie dodgers.  Judge me.

sites i love: everything is beautiful

I have the distinct honor of making the first site I love everything is beautiful, by my good friend Emily Shearing.

Emily is a newspaper reporter and rouge fashion blogger by night.  Everyday she makes a point to share her favorite fashion obsession of the day.  I actually discovered a J. Crew dress that she featured when their spring collection debuted.  Emily has also used her blog to feature a pet available for adoption through the local humane society.  Fashion with a heart.

Emily was in fact a big inspiration for my own blogging adventures.  She has also recognized by as one of  the World’s Top Fashion Bloggers Who Aren’t Celebrities (Yet).  This gal is going places!

a feudal effort

For years on the internets, I have attempted to blog on a consistent basis to no avail.  So during the season of renewal, so was renewed my desire to blog.  Hopefully this time it sticks.

Last summer after graduation, my life got flipped turned upside down. (thanks for that little gem Will Smith) So like any heart-broken girl I completely revamped my life, Got a new job, moved, drank a bottle of wine, but not necessarily in that order.  The biggest thing that I miss from my “former life” is writing.  I studied public relations and I would spend nine hours a day writing releases, tweets, captions and blogs, but they were never for myself, just for work.  So to recapture some of that hobby if you can call it that, I am going to give the blogging thing another chance.

So enough of my lamenting, let me introduce myself for the random people who may not know me and some how stumble upon my little place online.

I’m recently 24, work full-time live at home, pretty standard.  Internet junkie, Mad Men obsessed and rabid drag-queen fan.  Most of my off time is spent hanging out with my main man in my life, my 9-year-old nephew.  I love my home town and I can’t see myself moving but for a whirlwind adventure.  I have a giant family, and I am the second youngest; we all live all over the country.   Beyond that things change about me every day, maybe I will have to write some down to keep track.