cold brew

I love iced coffee.  Around April I switch from hot coffee to iced, and in an effort to save me some money this summer I am going to seriously take down my dunkin budget and cold brew my morning coffee.  For anyone who hasn’t experinced cold brew coffee it is very simmilar to french press but it is done with cold water rather than hot, allowing the flavor to stay in the coffee than be baked out with the hot water.  Most store locations with double brew iced coffee to get the richer flavor but cold brew will allow you do get even more flavor with a single process.  It is labor intensive, but it is so worth it in the end.  See my recipe and tips after the jump. Continue reading

sites i love: Tom & Lorenzo

It is not secret that I love me some gays.  Especally when they love the same things I do.  I first fell for TLo when my dear friend Pandora Boxx made a little appearance on a show called RuPaul’s Drag Race, maybe you have heard of it.  Anywho I came for the queen’s but stayed for the witty and clever comentary.  The holy grail of costuming, Mad Men got its own style posts charater by charater, season by season. Incredidble, simply incredidble.  It will add a whole new level to the series.  I would also like to thank them for my new found love of fashion and editorials.  TLo will always be on my list of people to bring to dinner.  Check them out, because I will be again for about the thousandth time today.

[Illustration Credit: Alex Cox; Logo Credit: Tom&]

wedding dresses, now with more sleeves!

Thanks to the beautiful Duchess Catherine wedding dresses are now going to have more fabric!  For as long as I can remember I have wanted a Grace Kelly wedding dress and Miss Middleton wore my dress! ::le sigh:: While I am no where near marrige yet a girl can still fantazise about the dress.  As a big busted lady I am quite happy to see a resurgence of sleeves without looking like Molly Mormon.  Now these dresses from the latest Pronovais, but we are bound to have many more choices coming soon!

buy this: KMS California Hairplay Sea Salt Spray

Hair is the one thing I slack off with on a regular basis.  Most days I can’t be bothered to dry let alone brush my hair before I go to work.  I just pile it up on my head and call it a day.  Thankfully this has kept my very blonde very straight hair in good condition. 

However with summer comming I crave that wavy beachy messy hair that my hair refuses to create on its own.  I have been told to try out sea salt spray to get that ocean hair that you just can’t get here in Rochester.  Enter KMS Sea Salt Spray*. 

I am super passionate about this product because I can get that wavy messy lion hair with little effort.  It does change if you us it wet or dry or with the difuser.  My favorite is loading it up while my hair is towel dried.  Now my lucky wavy haired friends will be able to get a little bit more curl from it.  Anyone want to be my guniea pig?

*Product purchased by me, not a paid endorsement.

my father’s daughter

Currently I am on my way back from my step-sister’s wedding in Charleston, SC. I had a fantastic Time with all of me family who was able to make it, but the key was I got to spend time with my brothers.

Both of my brothers are 23 and 12 years older than me. They have been adults long before I came into my own. The last time I got to spend any length of time with them I was 18,hardly and adult by anyone’s standards. Now as a 24 year old woman, I can appreciate the time I have with them, and understand their relationship with our father better.

Now of course my relationship with my father is way more complicated than a blog post warrants, but to give you the cliff notes, after my parents split I resented a lot of the choices he made during and after their marriage. We were not on speaking terms for roughly two years, but when I got an internship at the college he used to be the dean of, I reached out. I thought that if I think that my Dad hasn’t changed in the last 15 years I am hardly giving him a chance because I certainly am not the same person I was 15 years ago.

I was jealous for a long time of my brothers because they had an easy going friendly relationship with my dad. I never understood until I fully felt like an adult. There is no more pressure no more expectation, just wanting the best for one another. My father went through a similar experience with his father under much harsher conditions, but I feel that if you can go through your tough times, find a level of forgiveness for each other then you can find the relationship that you are both comfortable with.

In the age of divorce I know many of my friends do have estranged relationships with their parents and I do encourage them to find a level of connection that feels right for you because at the end of the day, they are still your parents and they are the only one’s you got.