cold brew

I love iced coffee.  Around April I switch from hot coffee to iced, and in an effort to save me some money this summer I am going to seriously take down my dunkin budget and cold brew my morning coffee.  For anyone who hasn’t experinced cold brew coffee it is very simmilar to french press but it is done with cold water rather than hot, allowing the flavor to stay in the coffee than be baked out with the hot water.  Most store locations with double brew iced coffee to get the richer flavor but cold brew will allow you do get even more flavor with a single process.  It is labor intensive, but it is so worth it in the end.  See my recipe and tips after the jump.

Cold Brew Coffee


1-10oz. package of coffee (course or medium ground)

3 quarts of cold water


2 large mixing bowls

1 sealed 3 quart pitcher (screw tops are best to make mixing easier)

1 colander or strainer (needs to be able to fit over the mixing bowl)

several coffee filters


1. Fill pitcher half way with water and pour coffee grounds in directly to water.  Mix grounds ensuring all of the grounds are wet. Fill the rest of the pitcher with water. Let sit overnight in fridge or on counter.

2. Place colander in mixing bowl with coffee filter inside colandar.  Pour coffee mixture into colander letting the coffee filter through. 

3. Once all the coffee has been filtered through pour back into clean pitcher and enjoy over ice!

Tips and hints:

Filtering the coffee takes a considerable amount of time You may need to switch filters and or squeeze the liquid from the grounds.

If the coffee is touching the filter/colander it may slow or stop the filtering process, put the filtered coffee in the second mixing bowl to give the coffee room to drain.

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