thank you steve

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Everybody has their own connection to Steve Jobs;  Maybe he designed your first computer, maybe his software share your now favorite band, maybe he gave you a job.  But I have to give tribute to Mr. Jobs for a very different reason. 

I love Apple computers and other products because they work.  But at the end of the day I am not such a die-hard that I will live and die for my Macbook.  I have to thank him for pushing Apple retail stores, If he hadn’t I never would have met my boyfriend Jesse.

When I went into possibly get an iPad, I never thought the chubby, gristle bearded man trying to sell me on my very own iPad would become such an unexpected joy in my life.  Jesse and I have had hundreds of chance encounters through out our pasts, but it wasn’t until I met him the day after iPad 2 launch that I had him in my life.  I am undoubtedly grateful that Apple retail store are in existence because I don’t know if the stars would have aligned for us if not for them. 

when we first met

Apple really has changed my life in the past 7 months, not only for Jesse but my professional and personal life.  Jesse has a shiny new job because of his Apple experience, my Mom has a brand new way of computing that she understands without much help from me, and my sister can stay connected while she is at college with a phone she likes and a computer she loves, and I was able to give my best friend a deal on his new computer for law school.

Thank you Steve Jobs for not only being an innovator for the world, but an  architect for my life without realizing it.