oscars 2012

Ahh the Oscars, a time where I get to pretend that I am a glorified movie critic and can pass my judgement on this years nominated movies.  For whatever reason I have always loved watching the Oscars.  Maybe its the glamorous dresses or the history of film, but its my thing what can I say?

As my normal ritual goes I attempt to watch at least every movie that was nominated for best picture each year.  This year I am going to have a bit loftier goal, I am going to watch every best picture and every best actor/actress nominated movie.  Thankfully there is some overlap otherwise I may not be able to make it through in the 30 days from nomination to awards.

Jesse has willingly agreed to watch all of these movies with me so I have some ideas to bounce ideas off of, and hopefully I will be able to make some solid predictions about what movies should win and what movies actually will win.

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