Iron Lady

Tells the story of a woman who smashed through the barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male-dominated world. The story concerns power and the price that is paid for power, and is a surprising and insightful portrait of an extraordinary and complex woman.

I think I was most excited to see this movie because it combines my favorite things Meryl Streep and Britain, and yes secretly I was bouncing in my seat when I found out that the real Margaret Thatcher was from Grantham because of my recent Downton Abbey obsession.

Movies about political figures can toe the line of being preachy and more about the politic rather than the person, but “Iron Lady” really focuses on Thatcher and what it meant to be a woman in a man’s world.  Meryl does exactly what she always does with her charters, makes them so realistic you forget it is a movie.  This is why Meryl is an oscar winning actress.  She can play the same person and two dramatically different times in their life.  Snaps to the girl who played young Thatcher as well.  She was just as critical to character development as Meryl and she blended seamlessly.  Not enough actors who play younger characters to their A-list counterparts get enough credit. 

Haunted by the ghost of her husband, its somewhat tragic to see the decline of a powerful woman and how we treat our elderly in general.  It was fantastic to see that she albeit her mental decline she was still at the core the same strong-willed woman who won her Prime Minister. This is why they made a Thatcher movie, not because she did wonders to the government, but because she was so important to women’s advancement.

My favorite quote from the movie “Gentlemen, if we don’t cut spending we will be bankrupt. Yes, the medicine is harsh, but the patient requires it in order to live. Should we withhold the medicine? No. We are not wrong. We did not seek election and win in order to manage the decline of a great nation.”  I wish any of our politician’s have the public conviction that Thatcher had privately.

 But I digress, I didn’t know much of Thatcher’s politics before I saw the movie, but like all good movies do it led me to some hefty google searching to devour anything related to her.

This will undoubtedly make Meryl the front-runner for best actress despite the hefty competition this year. 

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