oscar wrapup

So how did it all go?  I didn’t get to see all the movies, but almost all of the movies that won something I saw with the exception of “Hugo'” All in all my plan was a bit of a failure but I think I saw the most nominated movies in the shortest amount of time since I have set this self-imposed goal.  Jesse did enjoy it as well.

I really did enjoy the Oscars pretty much because I love Billy Crystal’s hokey sence of humor and the self congratulations.  I loved Mother Meryl’s speech, sorry Viola, it just wasn’t your year.  Jean Dujardin was by far my favorite to win for best actor and I hope this win does for him what it did for Christoph Waltz.  Put him in American movies while still holding onto a career in their european counterpart.

The fashion was glorious but didn’t quite stand up to the elegance and feminism of years past. Angelina’s leg and J. Lo’s nipple made a strong presence but I’m sure you have all seen the memes. 

So here is to next year in film and hoping that I see all the movies next year!

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