25 while 25: one month later

So one month into my 25 while 25 and I am already off to a great start. 

Oh I’m sorry did you not hear the sarcasm?  I am already behind on my goals.  But c’est la vie,  I am amending to do better now. 

So now onto the explanations/excuses. 

1. Work-We are down two people of our total staff of 10.  Makes a huge difference when you also have two other staff members on vacation.  Hello 6 day work week.

2. Computer-Jess and I share his computer so if someone wants to do something the other is stuck on the phone, and since Jess is writing a treatment for a movie I havent gotten too much time.

3. I’m lazy-Granted this is why I wanted to start the list and what I should have put on as goal number one should have been be less lazy!  Yea I will get to that tomorrow

On the upside a few great things have happened!

-My best girlfriend Emily Shearing graduated from her first masters program and will be starting her photography program soon!

-I am crossing a goal off my list and heading to boston to go pick up my best friend Brandon from law school so he can spend the summer working back here at home.  This will be the first summer in a long time that he has been home and I couldn’t be more thrilled.  This however might be the last care free summer we have as young adults.  I hope we can make the best of it.

-My Mom is traveling to visit my sister.  Why is this great for me? We’ll my mom and sister are super important to me and while I can’t be there I am really happy to see them able to spend some time together.

So all in all good things are going on even if I haven’t lived up to my personal goals yet.  11 months to go.

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