25 while 25: a year later and what I actually acomplished

When I originally started on my goals to do 25 things while I was still 25 I thought it would be awesome to give myself a fuller more experince-ful life.  What I really didn’t realise is that I actually do have a pretty good life as is without making silly commitments for myself. 

I am unlike people who long-term goal lists actually are counter productive for me.  I shut down and I generally never complete it.  Case and point this list.  But I was still able to complete some.  So now we go line by line on the eve of my 26th birthday and see what actually got done.

  1. take more pictures (3/14) Recently I went to Boston, Boulder and  San Francisco and I increased my photo stream to the point where I can no longer backup my phone through icloud
  2. lose 25 lbs (done 2/12) at christmas 265lbs valentine’s day 241lbs
  3. take a vacation to the beach (done 8/7)
  4. take a vacation to the city (done 5/23)
  5. buy a car (done 1/15) I inherited my grandmother’s car when she decided not to drive any longer. She was driving all the way to her 92nd birthday.
  6. finish 25 pinterest projects-don’t have a number on it but I am sure there weren’t 25
  7. make 25 pinterest recipes-I only cook from pinterest now, but I repeat a ton of recipes
  8. do a gluten-free week-I don’t think I could survive three days
  9. go to a casino (done 3/26) Layover with my sister in Vegas. Hey I’m counting it.
  10. get my passport-Planned to get it mid may for a trip to Canada in August.
  11. take a class for something i don’t know-AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT
  12. learn more norwegian-I just need to download an app or something and stop being lazy
  13. pay off debt-plan in place and slowly chipping it away
  14. send cards for birthdays (done) working on year two through jackcards.com
  15. learn a new instrument-couldnt find one that struck my fancy but now I am the only non guitar playing member of my family so I think I should get on that.
  16. clean up my tech-1TB hard drive. I am like a digital hoarder
  17. read 25 books-I think I may have read 5 in total.  Which going from none I think is an accomplishment
  18. Sew something-I fixed a ton of buttons and seam rips for myself and co workers so maybe that counts
  19. get my wisdom teeth out (Done 6/7)
  20. create a filing system-Created, now to implement
  21. blog at least three times a month-yea…
  22. attend a live taping of a tv show-would have loved to do this but the places I traveled didn’t really allow me to.
  23. drive a fancy fast car-Would have loved to even just take a ride in my brothers porshe
  24. sell something on craigslist-desperately need to do this!
  25. learn to drive stick-visiting my sister in May and maybe we will have time for her to teach me!

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