what im drinking


yes this is really beers of the world

For Christmas this year my father gifted me with the help of Jesse a big box of beer from my favorite beer store in Rochester, Beers of the World.  I will do my best to chronicle each one I try through my untappd.  If you are a beer fan, you need to get on untappd.  It’s much easier for me to keep track of beers that I like and when we have a tasting party it’s fun to see who gets what badges for each check in.  So Cheers to New Years and big boxes of beers!

huzzah! another attempt!

So January is here and of course so begins my every eternal attempt at chronicaling my life from my point of view! Exciting isn’t? So lets get to things that have actually happend since spring of last year. 

-Went on two kick ass vacations (one to california, one to colorado)

-Moved into a new (read larger) place with Jesse

-Family came to visit in October and had a great time

-Bought a new car

-Jesse got a new job and left apple

-We both got iPads

Those are the highlights folks! I have really gotten into making the new place a home and hopefully I will be able to share some of that with you in the form of promised DIY blog posts. I guess I just want to feel more active in doing my own thing rather than facilitating for everyone else.  While it makes me really happy, I want to have my own things.  We’ll see. If I write it down so much the better but this time I’m not commiting.