my mother’s daughter

I love to fly, but as I was leaving today I got an odd feeling. I was nervous. Now I have flown many times before, but I noticed that since I haven’t flown in a few years I had lost my sea legs. I was also super panicked that I would loose my bag leaving the clothes I was to wear for my sisters wedding lost somewhere between Rochester and Charleston.

These odd feelings have led me to a bit of an epiphany. When I was younger I wasn’t afraid of anything, everything was exciting and new. However as I get older I tend to like the things that are stable and predictable in life, like being on the ground. My mom hates scary movies, but sometimes even CSI is a little tough for her to handle. I am becoming my mother. I know I am not the first person to come to this realization but those little indicators that you are becoming your parents is still shocking.

I couldn’t be more excited.