back from DC/la boum

Days before the debt celing vote I took a weeks vacation to DC to visit my best friend/gay husband, Brandon.  We spent a day going from one air conditioned activity to the next.  I thought I was going to die at the 115 degree heat index for most of the week. 

Now I lived in Baltimore for a time and I have been to visit DC a bunch so it was nice to not have to go and do the “DC” things because I have already done them time and time again.  I actually got to go and enjoy the DC culture and what it means to live there.  We hit up a few gay bars in Dupont where Brandon lives and went tubing on the Shenadoah river in VA but my favorite event of the week was, L’enfant-La Boum brunch. Imagine a nice saturday brunch in a night club, complete with strippers and dancing on chairs.  Naturally there was no real air conditioner to speak of so it was about 130 degrees in the room and everyone was sweating and using the champagne buckets to dip napkins to make a cold compress.  I still managed to get a heat rash across my chest. 

So I will take my $5.30 obnoxiously large sun hat I got at eastern market for cheap because of a computer error and chalk it up to another sucessful trip with Brandon.