I have never really been a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but not because I don’t have anyone to celebrate it with but because it forces romance that really isn’t my style.  The ooey gooey kissy face is not my idea of a good time, rather I like to go for the I love you so much that I have gotten you something that I know that you will like and use.

This year for our first Valentine’s I got Jesse a tool kit for his computer, Playstation etc.  Jigg is up, he guessed that I was getting it for him.  Romantic no, practical hell yes.  Jesse is squishy romantic and I am–not.  I have warmed up a bit since we have been together, but not enough to change my cynical views on romance.  Maybe that’s why I love him, because he lets me still be the cynic.

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sites i love: notes on my coffee

::shameless self promotion::

A few months back I asked boyfriend to get me coffee,  he returned with a sweet little surprise on the bottom of my cup, a misspelled note of love.  Since then he has been writing on every one of my coffee cups. 

I have been trying to figure out what to do with all of these little love notes, I  can’t keep every coffee cup so I have been taking a picture every day to chronicle his efforts. 

So without further adieu, I give you notes on my coffee.