buy this: Spexton Designer Handcrafted Jewlery

Buying for men is hard, there is always such little to choose from that is uniquie and worthy of let’s say an anniversary present.  So when I am in need of a gift that you can’t find in the local shopping mall, I turn to Etsy which is like a cooler craft bizaar that is always on.

Through a random search for men’s jewlery I came across Spexton, found a ring I liked for the boyfriend, ordered it with a cute little inscription and called it a day.  I never expected the customer service I got after. 

Not only am I writing because the jewlery is beautiful and such a modern classic design sense, but the price is right and I am thrilled to support people who can use their talents like this.  They make all of their peices entirely by hand not by computers like most titanium/steel jewlery.  This craftsmanship really sets them above everything you can find in the mall.

Greg Shelton & Nate McPherson out of Tulsa, Oklahoma are the designers behind Spexton.  Nate was the one who hand crafted boyfriend’s ring.  How do I know this, Well in his package it was already wrapped with cool neon rope and an I heart Spexton button, but a hand written thank you note thanking me for my order and that it was his pleasure to make his ring.  Also  I recived a $10 credit twards my next purchase. 

I simply can say enough about this company and what a special gift idea for the men who tell you I don’t know what I want way to often.  Shop their etsy shop or direct from their website.  Right now the hammered steel ring that boyfriend got for our anniversary is on sale for 30% off through their webstore.