25 while 25: take a vacation to the beach


Ahh vacation. Are you jealous of these vacation posts yet? Yes? Well you’re in luck. This is going to be the last one for a while that dosent involve some family event.

Since this vacation was so long ago and I am uber lazy on my blog posting here are the highlights.

-Blown tire on the drive out there

-Quality time with The Gorski’s

-Great warm beaches full of rocks and seaweed

-Played chef for the group

-Cape Cod leauge baseball

-Day trip to Boston and Boston aquarium

-Put-put and arcade games on the last day

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25 while 25: take a vacation to a big city

Back at the end of May, I happily volunteered to move my best friend Brandon back to Rochester from Boston for his summer internship.  Primarily because it ticked off another one of my 25 while 25.

Jess and I headed out over memorial day weekend and even though we both had been to Boston before we got to check out some stuff we never got to before.  Brandon was working on a law paper and Jesse went to go work at the local Apple store for a new perspective so it left me some relaxation time, because after all it was my first vacation since November.

Jess and I got some touristy stuff in at Faneuil Hall, saw some street performers and did some window shopping.  I was surprisingly warm for Boston in May so we welcomed the warmth rather than the rain of Rochester.

We ate a lot of good surprisingly gluten-free food.  You know Jess is a happy guy when there are a lot of gluten-free options for him to choose from.  My favorite was the BeeHive.  The lot of us went there for Saturday brunch, and let me tell you it was the best french toast I have ever had. of course it was crazy expensive but I loved it.  Nothing like a clandestine non-tourist affair. 

We spent the rest of that day stumbling around Boston making stops at Cafeteria for some sangria, then to Harpoon for the brewery tour, and finally Max Bernner’s for some chocolate infused food and cocktails.

Our last day before we headed out Jesse and I made a trip to Ikea which for us is a down right luxury.  We managed to find the perfect dresser and night stands to match. I know its “cheap” furniture but there really isnt an affordable modern option in Rochester.

All in all it was a great trip and I always enjoy my time in Boston and I cant wait to make it back.

my mother’s daughter

I love to fly, but as I was leaving today I got an odd feeling. I was nervous. Now I have flown many times before, but I noticed that since I haven’t flown in a few years I had lost my sea legs. I was also super panicked that I would loose my bag leaving the clothes I was to wear for my sisters wedding lost somewhere between Rochester and Charleston.

These odd feelings have led me to a bit of an epiphany. When I was younger I wasn’t afraid of anything, everything was exciting and new. However as I get older I tend to like the things that are stable and predictable in life, like being on the ground. My mom hates scary movies, but sometimes even CSI is a little tough for her to handle. I am becoming my mother. I know I am not the first person to come to this realization but those little indicators that you are becoming your parents is still shocking.

I couldn’t be more excited.

checked out

On this dreary but warm Monday, I can’t help but to dream of the warm sandy beaches of South Carolina that await me on Wednesday. My step-sister Leslye is getting married this weekend and I fly out Wednesday evening leaving everyone in Rochester to deal with the bipolar weather that is spring 2011.  The best part of this whole trip besides the warm weather, this will be the first time in 7 years that all of my brothers and sister will be in the same town,  all 6 of us.

That being said I have one more day of work and I already have completely mentally checked out. I am surprised I have the mental capacity to even complete this post.  I am sure I will have a menagerie of photos to share upon my return.  Until then stay warm Rochester.