25 while 25: 19. get my wisdom teeth out

Panicked as I was I finally got my wisdom teeth out.  When I was 18 I did have an appointment to get them out and I made it all the way into the office, had a panic attack, and walked out.  I never gained back the confidence to get it done but after a few bouts with infection and excruciating pain, it was time.

I made my way to Dr. Richard Edwards office early Thursday morning so early I beat Dr. Edwards to the office.  Thankfully I had Jesse there to distract me from my needle phobia. After I was reassured that he has done this before him and his nurse weren’t able to find a vein they had to poke a second time into my hand and we were underway!

“It takes 17 seconds from it to go from your hand to your brain.”

“Ok” and I was out, and so was Jesse.

I woke up didn’t feel or remember a thing. The nurse gave me a rose and my teeth.  No YouTube worthy drug high, just me sitting in recovery wondering why I was waiting there so long, and why she gave me my teeth back.

Jess had already picked up my antibiotic and Vicodin! We went to my mom’s and I fell asleep for hours.

Other than a slight lisp for the first three days and figuring out my cleaning regimen, I have no idea why I waited so long.  If there is anyone who hasn’t done it yet, just do it and don’t wait until your 25.

Check that off the list!